Things You Should Know Before Buying Hair Extensions

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Do you want to rock a new hairstyle but cannot wait for your hair to grow? If yes, then install hair extensions. For starters, hairs extensions will enable you to wear any hairstyle you want. You can go to your favorite parlor because they might be selling hair extensions. You can also ask your stylist to install the extensions for you. Better yet, you can browse the internet to look for online merchants who sell such products. The good thing about purchasing online is that you will gain access to a wide variety of products. Some vendors offer big discounts too. Remember though that regardless of how you will purchase your hair extensions, it is paramount to carry out a homework first. This is to ensure that you pick the right product depending on your needs as well as budget. Read on to obtain tips for buying hair extensions.

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Types of Extensions

Before you shop online or offline, you should first make yourself aware of the different types of hair extensions to ensure that you purchase the right one.

pretty woman with long hairA set of clip in hair extension is ideal for those who wish to use hair extensions for a short period of time. For instance, you can use clip in extensions if you only need it for a certain event such as attending a party. These types of extensions will cost you around $150 making it the cheapest hair extensions available in the market.

Next on the list is a hair extension called tape. It is called tape probably because you need bioadhesive tape when installing it. Unlike clip in hair extensions, tape hair extensions can last for two months.

Keratin hair extensions are the third type of hair extensions. These types of hair extensions will likely cost you around $800 for a full set. On the brighter side, keratin hair extensions can last up to 4 months. Hence, it is ideal for those who want to wear hair extensions for an extended period of time.  Note though that experts should do the installation of keratin hairs extensions because the process involves the utilization of machines.

Different Hairstyles

The next course of action is to determine what kind of transformation you want. Therefore, you should have an idea of the different hairstyles available to come up with the right decision. The good thing is that you can easily surf the internet to know the different hairstyles. Moreover, most of the online vendors have a gallery of their offerings when it comes to the various hair extensions. According to experts the top hairstyles in 2019 will be wavy let out, curly let out, up-dos with bangs, cornrows with let out, as well as chunky twists with triangle parts to name but a few. You can choose from the hairstyles mentioned above if you want to follow the trends. If you want to be the first ones to rock the hottest hairstyles, then you should find a vendor who offers such hairstyles as …