What to consider when choosing the best wedding photographers


For a wedding package to be complete, you need a group of skilled photographers. , Nowadays, just one photographer is not enough. Instead, you have to do your research to ensure that you land the best photographer in the industry. Instill in mind that your big day depends on the choice you make regarding photographers. It only gets better when you get those that have been in the industry for the longest time. At least they have all the experience you will ever need to make your wedding day a massive success.



This has got to be the backbone of photography. Aside from the main image, the background matters a great deal and should be oozing with glamor. Since you aim for nothing else but perfection, it is best for you to take your time to locate some of the best venues to grace your photos. However, you do not have to get overwhelmed trying to find amazing picture spots. Leave that to the experts. Do this as not everyone is a fan of surprises. It might be something that you do not fancy but have to go with it because you just found out about it at the last minute.


As the excitement builds up, we tend to forget even the most important factors such as prices. These are not to be forgotten and should always make the top of the list. At least you will get to plan your budget. As expected, you would not want an embarrassing situation where everything else is set except for the prices. All the more reason for you to familiarize yourself with the information you will need regarding the charges. As you do your research, at least you will be in the know on the various packages. Take the SF City Hall wedding photographers, for example, their prices are not the same as those of the regular wedding photographers. They will be slightly above what you had set aside and you may want to reconsider your budget so you get professional photography services.


You are much safer when you get to know the people you are set to work with at a deeper level. This way, you will have an estimate on what to expect from the photographers of your choice. Their profiles on their social media pages will give you something to look forward to. You will be the judge on whether you can entrust your wedding event to their care. You will see the level of professionalism they exude. Also, see testimonies from previous clients and whether they are recommending them to anyone interested in their services. If so, you may just have hit the jackpot. Your search is over and you are just as ready to see more of them in

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photographer Needless to say that your opinion about them matters to the photographers. At least it is one way for them to find out how well their services are impacting …

April Fools’ Day : How did the prank tradition start

April Fool’s day has been celebrated for centuries.

April Fools' Day How did the prank tradition start

The tradition has been handed down from one generation to another and nothing much has changed.

But many of us today mark the day by pranking family and friends and only a few even bother to ask how the tradition came by.

It is time you learn the real truth about April Fool’s Day and answer the question how did the prank tradition start?

How did the prank tradition start?

It is not clear how the tradition came into being.

There is a mystery in trying to bring light into how the world-wide celebrated day was effected and what inspired it in the first place.

Those who have tried to explain this tradition have established some theories.

Two of these theories point precisely to the tradition;

Kugel and Constantine Theory

April Fools' Day How did the prank tradition start Joseph Boskin, a history professor of history at the Boston University, is credited with this theory of explaining the origin and practice of April’s Fool Day.

It was during the reign of Constantine when a cluster from the court jesters told the emperor that they would run the empire better. Constantine appreciated such absurdity.

He played to the jokers’ game and gave one of them, Kugel, the chance to run the empire for one day. That is when the April fool day practice was born.

Jesters were considered as wise men and they brought reality into life and their sense of humor was highly regarded by rulers.

New Year Changes Theory

In different ancient cultures, New Year never used to be as we know it.

It fell over different days and months depending on the calendar such a culture adhered to.

Romans, Hindus and some groups from Europe celebrated their new year on April 1st. Later in 1852, different cultures adopted new calendar and New Year fell on January 1st.

But this change was not easily accepted by a number of ancient cultures.April Fools' Day How did the prank tradition start

They continued to celebrate the beginning of the year on the dawn of April.

Jokes were made on these people who did not accept the change. That is how the fool’s day was born and has been observed since then.

But there are some holes on this theory since April Fool’s day was there before 1752 when the Georgian calendar was put into force.

Well, at least now you have a clue of where the pranking culture came from.

You will not be a fool when someone asks you how it all came about.