Important Tips to Make Your Celebration Joyful and Safe

Holi Celebrations

Holi is an Indian event that is celebrated once a year.

Renowned for its ubiquitous color powder and fun, it’s one of the most amazing events in India at its happiest moments.

However, before rushing into this festival it’s important to do some homework.

This event has emerged as the celebration of national fraternity which ties people together into one holiness and soul.

However, many people do not know how to celebrate Holi.

  • Where it is observed

This important event is always celebrated in the whole of India with several activities held within.

Typically, the festive season is more pronounced in the Tourists Circuit than in other parts of India. While the celebration is quite a sight to behold, it’s important to note that it’s not meant for everyone.

In fact, during this celebration, the streets are crowded to the beam and the mood is in a celebratory mood.

It’s recommended that you should not celebrate the event in the streets

  • Tips for celebrating Holi festival

Holi Celebrations · While celebrating this festival, you should go easy on intoxicants.

Over consumption of them can lead to psychosis, faster heart rate, and an increase in blood pressure.

More so, you should never drink them on an empty stomach.

· Carry your personal items in a plastic paper.

· Since you are attending the festival, do not get annoyed when someone smear you with colors. Ideally, this is how Holi is like.

· As Ia single traveler, avoid getting into the streets alone this is because some men who take too much drink may inappropriately touch you.

Besides, since they walk in groups it’s very hard to control them.

· Only take a birth when you are through with the festival.

Taking frequent baths or washing your face every now and again may ruin your face.

· When you go for the festival put on clothes that you do not mind even if they are ruined.

Also, ensure that you keep your car windows closed.

· Since the main festival ends at 1 pm, it’s important to go early.

Otherwise, if you go beyond this time you may find that the festival is over.

If you are want to witness the festival, get up and prepare early.

Holi Celebrations

Well, in an energetic country such as India, Holi seems to increase those energy levels higher.

In fact, it makes the whole towns and cities to dance and celebrate in an unseen beat.

Seeing Holi is like seeing India in its glory. This is how to celebrate Holi.

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