Choosing the Right E-liquid Strength

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The electronic cigarette has different components which make the vaping device. We have various types of models which use different accessories. The electric juice is what contains the multiple flavors and nicotine. Nicotine in the e-juice comes in different strengths.

The electronic cigarette smokers can enjoy smoking the electronic cigarettes that are nicotine free to those that have the highest amount of nicotine. The electric juice is available in the 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg. When we use the measurement initials like mg, it refers to the amount of nicotine that is present in the electronic juice in every 1 ml. So for every 1ml that is vaporized the corresponding mg of nicotine is used.

Finding the Sweet Spot

When we talk about stronger nicotine, it does not mean that it is a perfect choice. The right concentration of nicotine will depend on how your body can react to nicotine. If you have smoked tobacco before, then you could have an idea of the amount of nicotine that is required.

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Most of the electronic cigarette smokers usually settle for the nicotine strength of 12 mg that is traditionally regarded as that of the medium-strength.

Right Choice

One of the commonly asked questions, when we talk about the electronic cigarettes, is determining the right choice. Well, the right choice can be determined by the amount of tobacco that you used to smoke before you changed to electronic cigarettes. If you were not smoking tobacco initially, you could begin with those that are nicotine-free and upgrade gradually.

The individuals who are used to smoking the full-flavored big cigarette brands will realize that the highly concentrated electronic juice is ideal for them. Those who prefer the light brands will prefer the e-cigarettes that have a low concentration of nicotine.

Electronic Juice Strengths

When we talk about the electronic juice, it is essential to know the electronic juice strengths as well. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, it is always advisable to find the sweet spot. The electronic juice of 18 mg are classified as strong, 12 mg is classified as regular, while 6 mg is classified as light.


Those that do not have O mg are classified as nicotine-free. You can try the different strengths to find which one suits you the best. Smoking the electronic cigarette that does not have the ideal strength will discourage you from smoking vaping.…