How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

A hair follicle drug test is one of the most reliable drug testing methods these days. It is a more efficient drug testing process compared urine or blood tests because small amounts of the medicine used, gets trapped within the hair follicle and can detect drugs taken even ninety days ago. With blood and urine, the drug is quickly flushed from the body within a shorter time frame.

Drug Tests

Nowadays, various organizations carry out different kinds of drug tests on candidates before Drug Testshiring them for any job. Surprise drug tests are as well done on the already hired employees to check if they are on drugs. In many cases, candidates or employees who test positive for the drugs are dismissed.

Therefore, passing a hair follicle test is a grave concern to many, especially those who have been into the vice for long. However, there are some ways in which you can escape the trap even. Here are some of the tactics that can be adopted:

Shaving Completely

Shaving every bit of hair in your body is one way to avoid positive results when subjected to a hair follicle drug test. Drugs typically take an average of seven days to get into your hair follicles.

Therefore, if you shave your entire body one day after taking a drug, you are sure of having drug-free hair for the next five to six days. Before cutting your hair, it is good to consider the probability of being subjected to a hair follicle drug test and how detox shampoos work to help drug users pass hair follicle drug test.

Use Hair is Detoxifying Shampoos

There are many online resources about hair detoxifying shampoos like old style aloe toxin rid shampoo work greatly in eliminating the toxins from your hair enabling you to beat the test easily. Most of the shampoos claimed to be effective will fail while others will work. .

Such shampoos can penetrate into the hair follicles and remove traces of drugs that could have been stored there. Though the shampoo could be costly at times, it is worth having it. The cost does not compare to what you stand to lose in case you tested positive.

Avoid Intake of Drugs

Drug TestsBeing a light drug user can help you avoid positive results in your hair follicle drug test. Lowering the frequency and doses of your drug intake ensures there are no detectable amount of medication in your body. Even if you are subjected to the hair follicle test, you will test negative. If you resort to heavy intake of drugs, however, then you are almost sure of being screwed during the interview. Testing positive may make you lose your lifetime opportunity which may never come back again. Before facing the panel, ensure you have taken all the necessary precautions to avoid positive results.

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